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'Agents of Shield' gag reel: It takes a few takes to save the world

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mintley8 asked:

He bought Chocolates for you & toys for the puddie cats? How uber cute!

Omg, yes, you have no idea how awesome he is…and this just shows me in a new way. 

He tried to downplay it, said he got it on sale and that his cat didn’t like it ect ect…but I would have done the same thing. I like being generous with my friends but I don’t like people to know…lol…so I always downplay whatever gift I got them…like well it was on sale, it barely cost anything…I already had it and didn’t need it…ect.

My bf and I are so alike, I always thought opposites attract…but I’m finding that being with someone who is so similar to me is amazing in new ways.

Loving him, helps me to love myself too. 

Some relationship wisdom from an old person….


I’ve been married and I’ve been engaged 7 different times. The relationships I remember most are the only one who brought me flowers (20 years ago) and now my new boyfriend, who on date night, randomly brought me a small box of chocolates and 2 toys for my cat.

Books and rom-com movies prepare you for these grand romantic gestures with the big upswelling music and the happy ever after end scene, but in real life its the small things that stick and that are “just because”.

Its not valentines day, its not our anniversary, he brought me chocolate and toys for my furry kids *just because* that’s the kind of person he is.

Small everyday things mean so much more. They are rare, they are special, they are memorable…because it tells me so much about him without him having to say a word. This small gesture on his part means way more to me than he can understand.

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