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I’m going to make a youtube video entitled

"Shit ALL men say”

and it will consist only of the phrase “But not all men say that~!!”

And then I’ll wait for men to stare at their keyboards in utter distress as they contemplate the paradox of their intense desire and desperation to inform me that not all men say that.

I will break them.


why is this so hard for people to understand

I got in a huge fight about this yesterday with a bunch of people who are suppose to be goal oriented towards making the world a better place, at least 50% of them saw no problem with looking and/or self pleasuring from stolen images that violated a woman’s right to privacy. Most of them blamed her for every taking the pictures in the first place, refusing to see how we have a right to privacy no matter what kind of pictures we take or don’t take. Not only is it an abuse of her privacy, but its a crime and “just peeking” at them is as if you too broke in and stole her property and destroyed her privacy or were outside her bedroom peering in at her. Whether the item is a physical item or a photo on a private computer, it is NOT YOURS!

When the “good guys” act like this, I can only imagine what the rest of society is like. 

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